Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Recreational and Competitive Programs?

A: Recreation Gymnastics:

  • Burlington Gymnastics Club Recreational Programs are designed for participants of all ages from early childhood up to and including teen and adult programs.
  • The Preschool Programs are specifically designed to address early learning and the development of gross and fine motor movements and socialization through a variety of activities in the gymnastics environment.
  • The Youth Programs are designed to promote fitness, strength and flexibility in both Artistic and Rhythmic gymnastics. Artistic utilizes the vault, bars, beam and floor where Rhythmic uses hand apparatus such as, rope, hoop, ribbon and ball.

Competitive Programs

  • The Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitive programs are ‘by invitation of coaches only’. Artistic gymnastics is a challenging sport, demanding strength, power, flexibility, agility, courage, and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. Burlington Gymnastics Club has developmental & competitive programs. Rhythmic gymnastics is an exclusively feminine discipline that is half art and sport. It requires expression, technical handling of apparatus, and perfect mastery of body expression. Rhythmic Gymnastics involves great flexibility, strength, timing, and coordination. In competition there are six exercises that involve the rope, hoop, free, ball, clubs and ribbon.


Q: How do I know the right program to choose for my children? 

A: Choosing a Recreational Program:

  • Recreational classes are grouped according to age and ability. Click here Recreational Programs for further information.

Artistic and Rhythmic Competitive Programs:

  • There are three potential routes for your child(ren) to become either an Artistic or Rhythmic competitive athlete:.
    1. Your child is in a recreational program and one of the Burlington Gymnastics Club coaches recognizes potential in your child and recommends that she attend an audition.
    2. You believe that your child has the right attitude and potential and you sign up for the scheduled audition.
    3. You believe that your child has the right attitude and potential and you request an audition.


Q: What traits do you look for in my daughter when she participates in the competitive audition? 

A: We look for the following traits:

  • focus
  • listening skills
  • basic skills (not yet developed but showing potential) such as strength, flexibility, agility, speed, coordination, expression, and posture.
  • positive attitude – not giving up or becoming discouraged
  • controlled emotions
  • socialization
  • communication skills
  • confidence


Q: What disciplinary measures are enacted when children don’t behave to their coaches expectations?

A: The Burlington Gymnastics Club believes in positive reinforcement and not strict disciplinary measures. If a child is not listening or is behaving inappropriately then a coach will remove a child from the current activity and will give them ‘time away’ or for younger children ‘time out’. Generally, children quickly turn things around,  however in very rare instances we may need to remove children from class and place them in a ‘safe’ monitored space until their parents or guardians can be contacted. Sometimes coaches will notice certain reoccurring behaviours in children. Where warranted they will speak with the child’s parent or guardian to make them aware of and to gain assistance in behaviour correction.


Q: Are coaches volunteers or are they paid?

A: All Burlington Gymnastic Club coaches are paid, qualified professionals.


Q: What is the selection criteria for coaches and what are the requirements for them to coach your different programs? 

A: To be a recreational coach, a person is expected to have a minimum of NCCP Certification as mandated by Gymnastics Ontario. This is a National program for all sports with the gymnastics specific program introducing the concepts of “fun fitness and fundamentals” of gymnastics and skill development for working with children. We encourage all of our coaches to enhance their coaching skills through continued professional development.

To coach in a competitive program, one must have NCCP Level 2. We encourage all of our coaches to enhance their coaching skills through continued professional development.

The BGC subsidizes the cost of NCCP certification courses. The Head Coaches and Recreation Manager hire for their respective program areas.